Hibernian Wealth Australia sources only the most select NRAS approved properties.

At Hibernian Wealth we endeavor to present NRAS approved properties which offer the greatest combination of value, location and cash flow, for the consideration of your customers.

We aim to present NRAS approved properties that ensure that your customers can reduce non deductible debt faster, to create wealth through equity, build an investment property portfolio faster, and all with zero out of pocket costs.

Here's a quick example of how NRAS can work....

This side by side analysis compares a 350K investment property where 100% of the costs, plus stamp duty and cash buffer have been borrowed. Total Loan is 375K.

On the left, the property is purchased using a  "traditional" negatively geared strategy. 

On the right is the same property but with the NRAS discounted rent and tax free incentives factored in.

The Investor has contributed 60K towards the purchase. 10% deposit (35K)  plus stamp duty, legals, building and pest, quantity survey/depreciation report, and cash buffer for Year 1 holding costs (25K total)


Non NRAS 350K


Rental Income



Total Income



Interest on 375K @ 5.3%



Miscellaneous Expenses


$5800 ( extra $800 for NRAS admin fee)

Total Costs



Loss (Costs – Income)

$6675(hold costs)

$11,105 (hold costs)




Total Allowable Deductible Loss



Estimated Tax Refund  @ Marginal Tax Rate 37%



Estimated After Tax Cash Flow  (Tax Refund - Holding Costs)



NRAS Incentive


$10,350  Tax Free

Estimated After Tax Outcome For Investor


+$7053.85  11.76% tax free return on 60K


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