About Hibernian Wealth Australia

Hibernian Wealth is different!

Unlike other property groups, we do not believe that a strategy requiring your clients to pay an investment property an "out of pocket"  dividend year after year, in the hope of making a good return through Capital Growth, is a smart investment strategy in the post GFC property market.  With the era of Credit Growth well and truly over, the time for cash flow is now!

So we don’t promote investment property strategies that rely heavily on negative gearing in the hope of Capital Growth, to create wealth for your clients.

And unlike other property groups, we don’t rely on the kind of complex research methodology, fancy graphs and colourful charts usually used to promote a negative gearing/capital growth strategy.  You wont hear us talking about “hot spots” or “the next big thing” with your clients.  At Hibernian Wealth, we believe there is a smarter way, and we can show it you and your clients.   We believe that the "Power of NRAS Cash Flow" (TM) generates much smarter, much lower risk, much more effective opportunities to create wealth for your clients.

Hibernian Wealth has developed Australia's most comprehensive NRAS educational workshops, with one simple goal;  to show you and your clients how to take advantage of NRAS to transform their wealth position within 10 years.  Employed correctly, an NRAS investment property strategy can assist your clients to build a substantial investment property portolio, while simultaneously reducing their taxable income and generating a surplus tax free income, assisting them to pay down their non deductible mortgage aggressively, in less than 15 years in most cases!  All of this can easily be achieved, and all it takes is a small amount of equity to get started.  Best of all, it is all achieved with absolutely ZERO out of pocket costs!

There's really nothing else like it.  Let us show you a smarter way!

About Ultan

Ultan Mooney is Managing Director of Hibernian Wealth Australia. He is considered Australia’s leading NRAS expert. Ultan has a passion for property investment and for NRAS in particular. He has spent the past decade working in Business Development roles with some of Australia’s leading financial institutions such as HSBC and Firstmac, where he specialized in investment property and development finance. Ultan was also instrumental in the development of Australia’s first tailored NRAS lending product. His knowledge on the NRAS and investment property finance strategies is industry leading.